With more than 3,200 brothers initiated since 1912 into the Beta Kappa Chapter, it’s hard to locate everyone and keep in touch. Whether, it’s just a simple email or you stopping by the house, we’d love to hear from you!

We host many events throughout the year. With the University of Oklahoma relaxing the rules around tailgating, we make every attempt to host alumni 2 hours before kickoff.

There are also many opportunities to be involved in Beta Kappa Sigma Chi. We are always looking for Sigma Chi alumni to join the Chapter Advisory Committee, the House Corporation, or just volunteer to participate in a chapter meeting or in a mentoring capacity.

Please take a few minutes to register above with your latest contact information, and let us know what information to pass along to you.

In Hoc!

All initiated members of Beta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Chi are considered alumni once they are no longer an active undergraduate student, regardless of whether a degree was completed. Sigma Chi encourages all alumni to get involved in a local Sigma Chi Alumni chapter.

Order of the constantine

The Order of Constantine is Sigma Chi’s highest honor for members who have committed years of exemplary service to our brotherhood.  To be considered for induction into the Order of Constantine, these inductees must have performed years of faithful service to the Fraternity and be endorsed by three Sigma Chis who have been inducted into the select group in a prior year.  Congratulations to these Beta Kappa alumni who have achieved this significant honor.

Elton Hunt, Class of 1913. Awarded in 1948.
Donald Walker, Class of 1915. Awarded in 1957.
Roy Cole, Class of 1925. Awarded in 1982.
Dennis Cubbage, Class of 1932. Awarded in 1978.
Joseph Neuner, Class of 1955. Awarded in 2022.
Robert Williams, Class of 1965. Awarded in 2011.
Garnett Haubelt, Class of 1969. Awarded in 2003.
William Grimm, Class of 1970. Awarded in 2006.

Significant Sig

Beta Kappa has many Significant Sigs. Significant Sig is awarded to members who have achieved high levels of professional success.