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Welcome to the homepage of the Beta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity at The University of Oklahoma. Since 1912, our chapter has prided itself on developing leaders of the future, forging lifelong friendships, while upholding the ideals of Sigma Chi.

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We currently have over 120 active brothers on campus and are always looking to recruit a new class of ambitious young men. The Chapter is also supported by a thriving network of alumni who serve as mentors and industry contacts for our many brothers, both active student members and alumni.

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This site is designed for the active student members, their parents and our Beta Kappa alumni. Please sign the registration so we know how to reach you.

Welcome From Dathan Shades, Chapter Advisor

Welcome to Sigma Chi! My name is Dathan Shades, and I serve in a voluntary capacity as Chapter Advisor for the Beta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Chi at the University of Oklahoma.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to give back to Sigma Chi through this advising opportunity.  Sigma Chi was an important part of my undergraduate experience. The last 40 years, Sigma Chi has been exponentially more important to me. Job opportunities and many of my closest relationships are through Sigma Chi.

It is common for me to hear about reservations from parents and guardians to allow their son to pledge a fraternity.  Just as attaining a college degree is challenging to students, attaining membership in Sigma Chi is designed to be challenging and demanding.  Membership in Sigma Chi is not for everyone. We focus primarily on three areas: Work Hard on your scholastics. That is your job while on campus. Second, enjoy the college experience. For many it is the first time away from home. Decisions must be made, and lessons learned. There are a lot of activities on campus to engage in. Finally, to Man Up, Be Accountable. Sometimes we make bad decisions. We stress the importance of taking ownership of the decision, correct the mistake in judgement and learn from it.

Hazing is against the laws of Oklahoma, the Student Code of the University of Oklahoma, the rules of Sigma Chi International Fraternity and the rules of our Chapter.  Specifically, any physical abuse will not be tolerated. I also hear concerns regarding alcohol and substance abuse.  Sigma Chi Brothers are expected to obey all the municipal, state and federal laws. The use of alcohol or any other controlled substance shall be no different.  Sigma Chi does not condone drinking under the legal age, nor the use of any controlled drug without proper medical authorization – the use of other illegal substances is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

At Sigma Chi, we are developing Leaders and not Followers on the local level and nationally with our outstanding alumni leadership. Sigma Chi is a great place for your son.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to advise your son.


Dathan Shades

We Work Hard To Prepare Every Student For Their Professional Life